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Family Fun in Poland

Think that Poland might not be the best destination for your family trip? Think again! Poland has many family friendly activities, and this blog lists only a few of them! Here are some of our expert tips to crafting a child-friendly itinerary for your Poland family trip:

  • Warsaw Zoo and Brown Bears!

Since the end of World War II, the Warsaw Zoo has grown in both size and popularity. It now encompasses some 500 species and 4000 animals. One of their highlights is the brown bear exhibit, which has a spacious outdoor bear habitat fronting one of Warsaw’s main streets. Pedestrians can see these bears on their way to work and school!

  • The Wieliczka Salt Mines

Miners have worked these mines for over 700 years! The mine is a great adventure for kids, and the site offers a special tour for kids that includes fairy tale creatures, games, puzzles, and an interactive playground! Pretty cool huh?

  • Train Rides to Krakow

Hop on the train to Krakow; a ride that lasts approximately three-and-a-half hours. The ride takes you through lots of countryside, patchwork fields, and small polish towns along the way.

  • Take a Pierogi Cooking Class for Kids!

Not all kids cook but the ones that do love making pierogis! Kids can learn with a chef how to make them and put whatever they would like in them. Pierogis are also Poland’s national dish!

  • Dunajec Raft Trip!

Spend two or three hours casually floating down the River Dunajec on a handmade raft. This trip will take you through lots of beautiful scenery, including the castle Niedzica! The raft is also poled by two gorale (Polish Highlanders) in traditional costume that will point out landmarks and keep you safe on your way down the river!

Need more family friendly ideas for you Poland trip? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Delta Auto Rentals today!

5 Tips to Planning Your Trip!

Planning your next trip is always exciting. Whether you’re just going down the road or flying to another continent, there is much to take into account before you leave your home. Where are you going to stay? What are you going to see? Is your passport in date? Here are five things you should put some thought into before leaving on your exciting trip:

  • How are you going to get around?

What is your method of transportation while you’re on your trip? Are you renting a car? Are you taking the transit system? Is someone there going to transport you around? This is an important thing to think about if you want your trip to be a good one.

  • What are you going to see and do?

Every trip needs some entertainment and adventure! What are you going to be doing on your trip? Whether this is relaxing on a beach or going to historic landmarks, you need to figure this out before leaving to ensure your trip runs smoothly!

  • Check your traveling documents!

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing your traveling documents are out of date. Checking your passport is crucial to having a successful airport experience. Make sure to check that these are in date!

  • Get immunizations!

Depending on where you go, you may need to look into getting immunizations to ensure you remain healthy on your trip. Talk to a doctor or healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about travel vaccines and make sure you are immune for your trip!

  • Make sure you can access your money!

We all want convenience while traveling, especially when it comes to accessing your money. Make sure you know what kind of currency the place you are going uses and get some before you leave. International transaction fees can be hefty!

If you’re thinking of traveling to Poland soon, let us help you find the answers to your traveling questions! Contact our team at Delta Auto Rentals today!

5 Tips for Choosing a Rental Car

Travel is stressful. There is lots of things you need to remember and think about to make sure it goes smoothly. Choosing the right rental car can mean the difference between a safe, comfortable trip and an unsuccessful one. Here are our top 5 tips to choosing a rental car that will be perfect for your trip to Poland!


  • Consider Vehicle Size


Traveling with children, lots of people, or tons of luggage? Rent a vehicle that will be spacious enough to accommodate your trip’s needs. Large sedans or SUV’s are great if you are looking for space! If you are looking for cheaper alternatives and aren’t in need of copious space, consider renting a smaller vehicle to save money on gas and rental rates!


  • Shop Around for the Best Deal


You can find different rental car companies all over the world. It is best to shop around since sometimes locally owned companies can offer the cheapest rates. Be sure to look up reviews of the company beforehand though and check their customer reviews!


  • Understand Your Rental Contract


If you’re booking a vehicle online for your trip, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. If you’re booking over the phone, be sure to ask about the rental restrictions. Ask questions like, “How long will you hold my rental vehicle if I am late picking it up?” and, “Is there a fee for additional drivers, and must they be added onto the rental contract?”


  • Understand the True Cost of Your Car Rental


This is an important topic. The rate which you see from the buyer may not be the true cost of your rental. The price of rental vehicles can become inflated by things like airport surcharges, additional driver fees, local taxes, insurance, and gasoline bills. Make sure you are paying what you think you will be paying!


  • Pick a Vehicle You like and Want to Drive


You will be spending lots of time in the vehicle you choose so make sure it’s one that you want to drive. Picking a vehicle that handles differently to what you are used to may cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Choose a vehicle you will be comfortable in so you can enjoy your trip.

If you have any questions about choosing a rental car for your trip to Poland, we are here to help! Contact our team at Delta Auto Rentals today and we will do our best to support you!

Why We Rent Automatic . . .

Automatic or manual? This is an important question to consider when choosing your rental car for your trip. Delta Auto Rentals chooses to rent out automatic cars in Poland, unlike most other companies that rent manual. Here are some reasons why we choose to offer this service:

Automatic cars are easier to drive!

Automatic cars are generally easier to drive, because the driver does not have to worry about shifting gears and using a clutch. Inexperienced drivers have an easier time driving automatic cars, especially in high stress situations such as driving in a new country. Tourists can concentrate more on finding their destination and driving safely when driving an automatic vehicle.

Automatic cars are less manually restrictive!

New drivers are taught to drive with both hands on the wheel. This is impossible in a manual car as one hand is used to shift gears. This is another reason why new drivers should choose an automatic vehicle for their trip.

Automatic cars have a greatly reduced risk of stalling!

There are few things more embarrassing and stressful than stalling your vehicle at a light or in the middle of the road. Stalling will only occur if there is a mechanical problem with an automatic vehicle, meaning your drive will be smoother with your rental car and less stressful overall!

Automatic cars are better for hilly areas!

Automatic transmission controls gear shifts on hills, meaning you don’t have to worry about doing this in hilly regions. For inexperienced or stressed drivers, this is another positive to driving an automatic vehicle.

Automatic cars are easier to use in heavy traffic!

Overall, more work goes into steering, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping in manual transmission vehicles. With an automatic transmission, you can focus on enjoying your trip and let the car do more of the work for you!

There are many benefits to renting an automatic vehicle. Interested in our service during your trip to Poland? Contact our team at Delta Auto Rentals today!

What to Know About Our 4 Pickup Locations

As you may have guessed from the title, Delta Auto Rentals provides four different pickup locations to exceed the expectations of our customers. All of the airports listed here provide services to travelers and will aid you in making your way to your destination.

Krakow Balice Airport

This airport is the best location to fly to if you’re planning on spending time in Krakow, a popular tourist destination. It is located west of central Krakow and gives you good access to much of southern Poland. The airport is also connected to the Krakow Glowny train station in the center of the city by express link. Due to the attractions surrounding the airport, this destination is quite a busy one.

Katowice Airport

Katowice airport isn’t quite as busy at Krakow Balice, having the fourth biggest passenger flow out of all the Polish airports. The airport is located in Pyrzowice, 30km north of the center of Katowice. There is an hourly bus service that will take tourists to Katowice city center as well as an express road (express road S1) that makes the airport more easily accessible from the surrounding cities.

Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport

As the seventh busiest airport in Poland, this airport will not be as busy as Katowice and Krakow. The airport is located in southeastern Poland, 10km from the center of the city of Rzeszow. The airport recently passed an audit from the ECA (European Court of Auditors) in 2014, yielding positive results in terms of efficiency and safety.

Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

This airport is an international commercial airport located in Wroclaw, southwestern Poland. The airport is located 10km from the Wroclaw city center and consists of a single runway, two passenger terminals, and one cargo terminal. The airport is connected to the capital, Warsaw, by the autostrada A8 and expressway S8. The distance to travel to Warsaw is approximately 350 km.

Have any further questions about our four pickup locations? In need of a rental car for your trip to Poland? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Delta Auto Rentals today, and we will help you out!

Exciting Things to do in Poland

Poland is a country full of exciting discoveries and activities. The country is rich with historical and natural landmarks for you to explore. Here is our top 5 list of things we recommend you don’t miss on your trip to Poland:

  • Explore the Wieliczka Salt Mines!

The Wieliczka salt mines are one of a kind. They were in continuous operation from the 13th century up until 2007. Nowadays, the mines act as a museum and tourist attraction, drawing millions of visitors each year! The mines are an easy day trip from Krakow and offer a great day of exploring for any pioneer!

  • Mindfully Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp

It’s not all fun and games in Poland. The recent history and its involvement in WWII have been tragic and painful. The concentration camp Auschwitz was the most notorious of many concentration camps the Nazis built in the war. The tour of the camp provides a great deal of information, emotion, and history.

  • Enjoy the Old Charm of Central Krakow

For many visitors to Poland, this is their only stop. Krakow is one of the most popular cities in central and eastern Europe, attracting tourists by the thousands. Krakow has many buildings that are hundreds of years old, ensuring historical discoveries for any tourist.

  • Indulge Yourself in Intricately Carved Cheese

You heard me right! Polish chefs and artists are brilliant cheese carvers. Smoked, salted sheep’s cheese is a trademark of Poland and is made exclusively in the Tatra mountains. The cheese is also known as Oscypek and it is sold all over the country. Make sure your taste buds do not miss out on this delightful treat!

  • Hike in the Tatra Mountains

The Tatra mountains are one of a kind, and are located in southern Poland. The mountainous region offers many hiking opportunities to the outdoor lover, presenting beautiful forests, mountains peaks, diverse wildlife, and clear lakes. If you’re up for a challenge, there’s Orla Perc, a hike considered to be the most challenging and dangerous of any hike in the Tatras.

There are so many exciting things to do in Poland on your trip that we recommend you do not miss! If you have any questions about any of these destinations or would like more ideas, feel free to contact us at Delta Auto Rentals today!

Three Things to Know When Driving in Poland

Driving in Europe can differ in experience compared to elsewhere in the world. Poland is no exception. Polish roads can be quite crowded and narrow at times when compared to North American Roads, meaning drivers need to be on their toes always. Here are three things you should know about if you plan on driving in Poland!

Road Conditions

Although it is a beautiful country, Poland is not known for having good road conditions. Roads are often under repair, potholed, narrow, or crowded, resulting in more accident-prone road conditions. Due to this, it is important to drive carefully and keep your eyes on the road in Poland to avoid having accidents that could seriously impact the enjoyment of your trip.


Tourists should expect long delays during the summer on the roads leading to major tourist attractions like the Gdansk, Zakopane, or lake district. Roads are also narrow and generally move slower in comparison to North American roads, meaning longer trips in general. Make sure to pick a vehicle that you are comfortable in as you may be spending lots of your time in it.

Legal Requirements

The following are some of the legal requirements that all drivers have to abide by in Poland:

  • Drivers must have a blood-alcohol limit of 0.02% or less at all times
  • Drive with your headlights on always, day and night
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times for all passengers, in all vehicles
  • Use of cellphones in prohibited with the exception of hands free phones which are allowed.

The punishments for not abiding by Poland’s legal requirements are severe. For tourists, a policeman can issue a fine and collect the amount on the spot; in the case of individuals driving under the influence of alcohol, consequences are harsher. All tourists should know these regulations prior to entering the country to ensure a relaxing, enjoyable visit.

Poland is a beautiful country that attracts people from around the world with it’s numerous attractions. With the right preparations, driving in Poland is a simple task. Planning a trip to Poland? Contact Delta Auto Rentals today and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have about driving in Poland!

Top Destinations in Poland

For anyone planning a trip to Europe, Poland should be a destination on your list of places to visit. The country is full of history and attractions that are sure to bring excitement to your trip. Here are 5 places you should not miss when visiting Poland!

Wawel Castle

This great Polish castle was build in the 14th century and still stands strong today. The gothic fortress currently housing the only preserved piece of Poland’s old crown jewels, the legendary sword Szczerbiec. The castle was build by King Casimir III the Great and is still a great tourist attraction in the present day.

Slowinski Sand Dunes

Located in northern Poland, the Slowinski Sand Dunes are part of the Slowinski National Park located on the coast of Poland. The dunes are formed by wind carrying sand ashore, forming wave-like structures as high as 30 meters tall. Their forms change with the season and are known as the “Moving Dunes”.

Warsaw Market Place

Founded in the late 13th century, this marketplace was the heart of Polish culture for five centuries. The original market place was destroyed during World War II but was carefully reconstructed immediately following the war. The market square features a bronze statue of the Warsaw Mermaid, a symbol of Poland’s Capital City.

Bialowieza Forest

The Bialowieza Forest is a large remanent of the primeval forests that once spanned much of Europe. The forest lies between the border of Poland and the Republic of Belarus and is home to around 800 wisent, a protected species of Bison in Europe. Although the Wisent are fenced of from the public, there are tours available by either foot or horse drawn carriage.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Located on the outskirts of Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is considered one of the oldest companies in the world. Salt has been mined here continuously since the 13th century. The mine features an underground city all carved out of rock salt and includes a chapel that is said to have the best acoustics in all of Europe.

Poland is a beautiful country full of attractions for present day explorers. The country has many sites of interest located across it that tourists would likely find captivating to visit. Planning to visit any of these places or take a trip to Poland? Contact Delta Auto Rentals today and find the best, most affordable transportation for your trip!