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Poland Rental Car FAQs:

Getting and using a rental car in another country like Poland can be intimidating, so we do our utmost to make sure you can feel like you can travel and drive safely with no unnecessary confusion! Read our Poland Rental Car FAQs below:

Are your vehicles pet-friendly?
We’re afraid not.

How much gas do the cars come with? How much gas should they be returned with?
We leave the car with you with a full tank of gas, and our preference is that you return it with a full tank. While we don’t have a penalty charge if you are unable to return the car with a full tank, we do charge you the cost of filling the tank per the current fuel rate.

Do you offer car seats for young children?
Absolutely, we offer attachable seats for babies, toddlers, and young children. Keep in mind that in Poland, children under the age of 12 cannot be in the front seat, and all children less than 150 cm tall must be seated in car seats.

Do you offer any manual transmission vehicles?
Due to the difficulty in finding automatic transmission vehicles in Poland, those are the only types of vehicles we rent out. We do not offer manual transmission.

How many cars do you have in your fleet?
We have over 20 cars in service at this time, with many others on retainer for short notice.

What locations do you do you have, and what hours do you keep at each location?
At all four of our locations – the Katowice Airport, Krakow Balice Airport, Rzeszów Jasionka Airport, and Wroclaw Copernicus (Strachowice) Airport – we offer 24-hour service for both pickup and drop off. We do not have a specific office location – we always come to you, at your most convenient location.

Can we meet for pickups and drop-offs somewhere other than the airport?
While most of the time we meet with you at the airport, we can and will meet with you elsewhere as you like.

Do I need to know any Polish to speak with your employees?
While we wouldn’t dissuade you from learning a new language, Delta Auto Rentals does have many employees fluent in both Polish and English at your service.

What should we know in the case of an accident?
Firstly, make sure you remain at the scene of the accident until the authorities arrive, as according to Polish law. If you aren’t at fault for the accident, there are no extra charges to you. If you are at fault, then you are liable for a 1500 zloty deductible.

Are there any other services you provide we should know about?
Of course! Feel free to contact us to ask about our white glove chauffeur services and our prepaid cell phones and SIM cards!