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Three Things to Know When Driving in Poland

Driving in Europe can differ in experience compared to elsewhere in the world. Poland is no exception. Polish roads can be quite crowded and narrow at times when compared to North American Roads, meaning drivers need to be on their toes always. Here are three things you should know about if you plan on driving in Poland!

Road Conditions

Although it is a beautiful country, Poland is not known for having good road conditions. Roads are often under repair, potholed, narrow, or crowded, resulting in more accident-prone road conditions. Due to this, it is important to drive carefully and keep your eyes on the road in Poland to avoid having accidents that could seriously impact the enjoyment of your trip.


Tourists should expect long delays during the summer on the roads leading to major tourist attractions like the Gdansk, Zakopane, or lake district. Roads are also narrow and generally move slower in comparison to North American roads, meaning longer trips in general. Make sure to pick a vehicle that you are comfortable in as you may be spending lots of your time in it.

Legal Requirements

The following are some of the legal requirements that all drivers have to abide by in Poland:

  • Drivers must have a blood-alcohol limit of 0.02% or less at all times
  • Drive with your headlights on always, day and night
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times for all passengers, in all vehicles
  • Use of cellphones in prohibited with the exception of hands free phones which are allowed.

The punishments for not abiding by Poland’s legal requirements are severe. For tourists, a policeman can issue a fine and collect the amount on the spot; in the case of individuals driving under the influence of alcohol, consequences are harsher. All tourists should know these regulations prior to entering the country to ensure a relaxing, enjoyable visit.

Poland is a beautiful country that attracts people from around the world with it’s numerous attractions. With the right preparations, driving in Poland is a simple task. Planning a trip to Poland? Contact Delta Auto Rentals today and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have about driving in Poland!