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Why We Rent Automatic . . . - Delta Auto Rentals - Car Rental Poland

Why We Rent Automatic . . .

Automatic or manual? This is an important question to consider when choosing your rental car for your trip. Delta Auto Rentals chooses to rent out automatic cars in Poland, unlike most other companies that rent manual. Here are some reasons why we choose to offer this service:

Automatic cars are easier to drive!

Automatic cars are generally easier to drive, because the driver does not have to worry about shifting gears and using a clutch. Inexperienced drivers have an easier time driving automatic cars, especially in high stress situations such as driving in a new country. Tourists can concentrate more on finding their destination and driving safely when driving an automatic vehicle.

Automatic cars are less manually restrictive!

New drivers are taught to drive with both hands on the wheel. This is impossible in a manual car as one hand is used to shift gears. This is another reason why new drivers should choose an automatic vehicle for their trip.

Automatic cars have a greatly reduced risk of stalling!

There are few things more embarrassing and stressful than stalling your vehicle at a light or in the middle of the road. Stalling will only occur if there is a mechanical problem with an automatic vehicle, meaning your drive will be smoother with your rental car and less stressful overall!

Automatic cars are better for hilly areas!

Automatic transmission controls gear shifts on hills, meaning you don’t have to worry about doing this in hilly regions. For inexperienced or stressed drivers, this is another positive to driving an automatic vehicle.

Automatic cars are easier to use in heavy traffic!

Overall, more work goes into steering, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping in manual transmission vehicles. With an automatic transmission, you can focus on enjoying your trip and let the car do more of the work for you!

There are many benefits to renting an automatic vehicle. Interested in our service during your trip to Poland? Contact our team at Delta Auto Rentals today!